Streamlining Production and Assembly

Eliminate Physical Templates with 3D Laser Projection



Do want your production team to consistently place parts onto assemblies with absolute precision and confidence? Without spending an inordinate amount of time measuring? Are traditional measurement methods such as tape measures, templates and tools slowing you down and letting you down from a quality point of view?

The Tracer M Laser Projector indicates the proper sequence, position and alignment for parts such as weld blocks, brackets, sub-assemblies, and fasteners.

In addition, when there are design changes, new virtual templates are easily created from the new CAD model – almost immediately. The cost of building, storing, and maintaining cumbersome physical templates is greatly reduced, as are rework and scrap costs.


Looking for ways to place plies as quickly and accurately as possible, and streamline the lay-up process? Do you want to be able to do this faster and more accurately?

Mylar templates are costly to build, store, and maintain. Sometimes the templates are not placed exactly where they need to be placed, resulting in rework or scrap. Engineering change orders (ECOs) may render your existing templates obsolete.

See how FARO’s Tracer M Laser Projectors can help your operators to properly sequence the ply lay-up process and position each ply in its exact location – the first time and every time. The Tracer M projects a virtual template that will improve the cycle time for even the most complex lay ups. If the design changes, a new virtual template is easily and quickly created from the new CAD model.


Does your production process require your operators to simultaneously produce and inspect their work?

In process verification can be a “hit or miss” proposition, resulting in incorrect part placement holes drilled in the wrong places, or cuts made in the wrong places.

The TracerM Laser Projector allows your operators and assemblers to inspect and verify their work continuously as part of the production process. Holes, cuts, and part locations are verified. The need for cumbersome and costly physical templates is greatly diminished. The result is shorter layout time, greater productivity, reduced rework and reduced scrap.


Do your products and customers require custom painting of patterns, logos and other design elements? Do your products use a lot of decals, including cautions and instructions, for which proper placement is critical?

The process of masking and templating for custom paint and decal location is slow, tedious, and oftentimes not as accurate as your customers are demanding. For templating of large products, Mylar templates are costly to produce, sometimes in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and (even worse) they are sometimes “one offs”.

TracerM Projectors are ideal for the paint and decal templating process, especially when efficiency and accuracy are vital. With highly-consistent results, the TracerM projects paint mask outlines to allow painters to quickly complete the masking process. For really large products such as yachts, ships and aircraft, TracerM systems can be configured in multi-projector array arrangements to project the entire paint scheme.

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